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What Employees are Really Looking for in an Employer The Answer May Surprise You

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Professional office space rentals are becoming increasingly competitive, especially in larger cities, and over 25 million small businesses are vying to rent office space that meets their needs. Clean, secure offices in convenient locations for customers can be difficult to find, but the search is worthwhile for many business owners.

Many small businesses do choose to conduct their business without maintaining a “brick-and-mortar” office space, operating solely online in a “virtual office” environment, but most businesses need to find office spaces for rent that have space to work and to meet with customers.

Office space rentals can offer new businesses some savings on their taxes. Experts report that many costs that businesses incur during their startup phase are tax-deductible in the first year. Many small businesses look for temporary office space with the flexibility to renew their leases once they are assured of success.

Surprisingly, what is important to business owners who are looking for office space rentals — security, parking, location — is not always as important to the workers that they employ. In a survey of workers across the United States, the quality of the coffee provided by employers was listed in the top five amenities that employees were looking for.

Proximity to lunch options also topped the list of desirable office amenities, as did the quality of the furniture in the office. Business owners who rent office space need to focus on employee comfort as well as security if they want to run a successful business: many companies on the west coast offer employee laundry services and even massages.

Finding office space
rentals that meet the needs of both the employees and the business owner can be challenging, but typically business owners can find affordable solutions with enough effort. Some websites offer leads on available spaces, and some business centers rent out single offices to small businesses, typically providing phone and computer service to renters.

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