When you are looking to hire new employees, there are so many ways of doing this. You can decide to recruit new staff directly or seek the services of a temp agency. Since there are different agencies, you need to first understand why you need staffing help and if the process saves you the time and resources attributed to direct hiring. For small start-ups, staffing services can help you a great deal. One of the greatest challenges that small businesses face is staff retention. In fact, 57% of organizations view employee retention as a major challenge. This means that such businesses will constantly be required to hire new staff. When looking to staff your business, how exactly do staffing companies assist you? Most business operations are characterized by a situation where employees’ time is already stretched thin. This means that unless you hire a dedicated recruiting agency, you will already be overburdening your staff. This is what you should know when looking for a temp agency.

Understand Your Business’s Hiring Needs
Before seeking the services of a recruitment agency, understand your company’s hiring needs. For example, if your company does not necessarily require frequent recruitment and hiring, you might still hire a staffing agency but that should not be prioritized. Now, let say your agency needs to recruit new staff regularly because of challenges such as staff retention or in order to respond to market dynamics, hiring a staffing agency to act as your HR department is a good option. For starters, frequent recruitment timelines would require you to dedicate an entire HR department in the company. This department would comprise of the HR manager and a small team of employees. Small and mid-sized businesses would have a huge challenge implementing this approach assuming that the current employees in the business are already stretched to the limit.

An Agency Helps You Fill Jobs not Interview Slots
There is a very big difference between filling jobs and interviewing. In fact, most business owners are not conversant with this school of thought in business. You might be asking yourself how staffing agencies can help you succeed. Well, interviewing and hiring potential candidates is a big undertaking that takes time and resources. In fact, you need to give yourself enough time before settling on a candidate or candidates for the job. When operating your business, you might not be in a position to dedicate the entire day towards hiring new staff. You need to allocate some time towards other business operations. This is the reason why you find that a typical business cannot conduct more than ten interviews in a single day. However, a recruitment agency can easily interview a large batch of employment seekers and narrow down on potential candidates for hire within a short period of time. All you have to provide to the temp agency is the key parameters that they should work with when hiring.

Cash in on the Guarantee
Some agencies have very reasonable guarantees where if the hire is not successful, you are not required to pay for the services rendered but the search is commenced again. As a business owner, take advantage of some of these offers. You can negotiate the fees especially if you use the same service for a long period of time. The fact that you have a less burden in terms of paperwork, interviewing and screening potential candidates is an indication that despite the cost of hiring a recruiter, the benefits override the cost. In general, you need to look at the bigger picture During recruitment your business. The process is tedious, time consuming and labor intensive. If you don’t have all these, the process will be rushed and you will probably end up with the wrong candidates. It is encouraged that get a temp agency that understands the basics of hiring to do all these tasks for you.

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