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3 Most Important Services Offered by Document Management Companies

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For many years now, some businesses have continued to record their information on papers and storing them on office shelves and cabinets. But for obvious reasons, they have failed to ensure security and safety of these documents leading to unwanted leakage of crucial business information. Just as it’s important to manage business assets, it’s also vital to secure critical business documents and other related files. Therefore it’s important you find a secure document storage facility that will ensure your information is kept safe. But most companies fail to realize or simply ignore just how important is document management is to their day-to-day business activities. Not until some sensitive information lands in the wrong hands, that’s when reality hits them.

There are many companies available that offer various document management solution ranging from document storage, shredding, scanning, and more. All these services are aimed at improving safety and efficiency in handling documents while saving you and your business money, time and effort. Here are some of the essential document management services for your business can benefit from.

Secure document storage is important for any business, particularly those with lots of paperwork. Perhaps you have both active and inactive documents that you feel are not safe within the company or you simply want to create more office space, your best solution will be to hire a document storage company. This company is specialized in handling bulk documents and files and making them accessible when needed. Such a facility is ideal for storing sensitive information for long term use, from payment records, invoices, customer lists, credit card records and supplier information. In addition, finding a document storage, filing and managing company can help you save time normally wasted in retrieving office files. They meticulously arrange files in a professional manner to enable easy retrieval while they make them accessible in the shortest time possible.

As a business owner, it’s important not to ignore the fact that there are several risks and threats to your business. Disasters may occur leaving you in a very awkward position especially if you’ve experienced a total loss. Apart from business assets, documents are at risk of either getting stolen or destroyed by fire or other natural disasters. Should this happen, you’d want to make sure all your important information is safely backed up somewhere. Hence the need for document scanning solutions from reliable companies. In recent years, scanning has become an integral tool in data recovery management and it has helped out many businesses to store and retrieve data in the event of a disaster. It is estimated that 95% of business information is still stored on paper. Through scanning, all these information can be converted into digital files and be saved offsite on cloud servers offering a secure document storage option for your business.

Unlike the other two mentioned document management solutions, shredding involves the total destruction of documents after they’ve been safely scanned and digitized. You should find a company that offers secure shredding services to prevent identity theft and protects your customer’s records and keep business information safe, secure and confidential. Shredding is not only necessary for any business out there, it’s also a requirement by the law. It’s a legislation that is meant to ensure privacy and security of personal information, whether customers, suppliers or other business parties. Other than that, shredding has its own environmental benefits that allow proper waste management, it reduces the risk of office fires while it creates extra office space.

Whether you are decluttering or downsizing your records, it’s vital you find a good company that not only offer you secure document storage services, but also scanning, document sorting, arrangement and shredding if necessary. This way you can rest assured your documents are kept safe and secured against different kind of threats.

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