Bringing in New Talent? Use These 5 Tips to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

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There are plenty of mistakes that business owners make when trying to fill sales and recruiting jobs, as well as other positions. In order to avoid them, many will outsource the hiring process to recruitment firms who have massive professional networks and the resources needed to find top-level talent. However, those who want to keep their work in-house might be hesitant to do that, and will prefer to handle the rigors of hiring on their own. If you are in that crowd, there are a few tips you should consider when trying to hire everyone from sales people to executives.

Define the Position

Knowing what you want a position to be able to accomplish is important for making the best hire. If the job is undefined, it is hard to develop standards or know exactly what you are looking for. So before even posting a job listing, you should take the time to make sure position expectations and roles are clear.

Build a Checklist

It can be easy to overlook certain flaws if sales and recruiting jobs candidates have a great resume and nail the interview process. It might be too late when you realize that they are missing something important after you make a hire. Keeping a checklist handy and being sure to cover every item on there is a good way to find a candidate who meets every standard.

Know How to Interview

Some of the most common mistakes that hiring managers make when looking for new talent come during the interview process. Things like asking the wrong questions or talking too much can greatly limit what you learn in a meeting with a potential hire. Proper interviewing skills might be a bit rare, but refining them is an important step in the hiring process.


Some 80% of job openings are never listed, in part because hiring managers do not want to get bogged down by a pile of resumes. In order to avoid that, don’t be afraid to contact people who could be a good fit, even if they are not actively looking for work. Recruitment agencies can be a wonderful resource in this regard.

Do Some Digging

When hiring for sales and recruiting jobs or anything else for your company, it is important to do things like check references and even do a bit of a background check. Calling references might be a bit tedious, but it can help uncover flaws that could potentially limit a candidate’s potential.

The list of things that employers should do when trying to make the perfect hire is long, and there isn’t one hiring method that will work for everyone. But using just a few simple tips is a smart idea for business owners who want to hire new talent that they know will be an asset. Continue reading here.

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