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This video discusses food safety and some of the regulations the FDA has. The FDA puts rules in place to prevent people from getting sick and to help workplaces avoid shutdowns and lawsuits.

The last update to the laws was far back in 1938. Nowadays, food travels a lot farther than it used to, which brings forth the need for stiffer rules and regulations. Many people are living with and trying to manage chronic diseases, as well.

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That means we have to have stronger guidelines to protect those individuals from catching foodborne illnesses. For that reason, the FDA has become stricter in its monitoring practices, and it goes so far as to issue FDA food safety citations to business establishments that do not follow such guidelines.

An FMSA program was developed in 2011 to try to raise the standard of foods. This program has a checklist of processes that each business must follow. Businesses that do not follow these guidelines run the risk of receiving citations. They may also be subject to large fines and even shutdowns if they do not rectify the problems right away. The video goes over some of those guidelines and how the FDA handles them with different businesses.

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