From Deadly Silica To Aggravating Pollen The Power Of Wall Protection Sheets For Future Safety

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Safety is important in any industry you find yourself in. Construction, however, is especially high on the list because of just how much can go wrong.

You wear protective gear to keep yourself from succumbing to a devastating slip and fall incident. You double-check every foundation you lay and nail you hammer so you don’t create a problem down the road. One-by-one you solve problems well before they happen. This is the foundation of wall protection sheets, a must-have for any project, no matter how experienced you are. They’re not just useful for cleaning up afterwards, but your barrier between many work-related diseases.

From breathable floor protection to a door frame protector, your wall protection sheets are just as flexible as the jobs you work. Let’s look at what they can do for you and the future residents.

The construction industry is a notoriously dangerous place. Not only are commonplace slip and fall incidents higher than usual, you also have to contend with airborne contaminants and harsh weather. Recent studies have confirmed falls remain the number one cause of death in construction fields. Many illnesses and injuries, however, can be easy to miss. It’s your job to use every last resource at your disposal to keep both yourself and others safe.

Contaminants and air pollutants are often worse indoors. You have relatively common ones such as pollen, dander, dust, mold, and dirt. You also have bacteria, smoke, and exhaust that can filter in from outside. HVAC systems are designed not just to regulate temperature, but circulate the air so residents are breathing safely. Working in the construction industry means you’re all too aware of what else can kick up in the air. What’s one of the deadliest hazards wall protection sheets guard you from?

To date, silica (or respirable crystalline silica) is one of the biggest hazards faced by both workers and future residents. An occupational lung disease characterized by invisible particles, respirable crystalline silica are up to 100 times smaller than ordinary sand and can cause a variety of issues. Based on the frequency, severity, and preventability of the illnesses, occupational lung diseases remain the biggest cause of construction illnesses outside of slip and falls. Protection paper is a shield that reduces this probability significantly. Anything less and your environment is even more dangerous than you realize.

Filthy carpets and negligent workers can create future hazards for the residents or workers of the building. Even carpet that appears clean on the surface can hold up to a pound of dirt in each square yard. Indoor air pollution is deemed up to three times worse than outdoor air pollution. Many Americans today are living with allergies or worsened immune systems due to constant exposure to these trapped contaminants. Carpet protection film, at the very least, ensures that these tiny particles are kept at bay.

Wall protection sheets take on many forms so you can distribute them all around the work site. A 2017 study provided by the National Center For Biotechnology Information found half of all construction workers were diagnosed with moderate pulmonary restriction, a number that could be reduced significantly with better on-site management. Construction floor protection can trap anything and everything when placed correctly. It’s also useful for ensuring moisture build-up doesn’t inadvertently cause mold. Little by little, you can improve the safety of everyone with extra care.

Stay safe this year and the next. Look into floor protection paper for your next project and keep everything from silica to mold far away.

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