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How Investing In Green Cleaning Services Can Drastically Reduce Your Business’s Sick Days

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Working in a dreary, dingy environment has a serious impact on the productivity of your workers. It can even keep your customers from seeing the best your business has to offer them. When it comes to outsourced janitorial services that polish up your building from the inside out, you’ve never been in a better spot to explore your options. A green cleaning service won’t just replace the dust and mold in your business with harmful chemicals — it’ll go the extra mile to outright eliminate the risk factor that comes with being cooped up inside for hours on end trying to meet monthly figures.

Instead of leaving your business’s future up to chance, learn about how outsourced janitorial services work and what they can do for both your finances and your workers’ confidence.

Go Green This Year

More businesses than ever are making the plunge from traditional cleaning services to a more green standard model. This is helpful to not just the environment at large, but the safety of your employees and workers. Of the over 17,000 petrochemicals available for both home and office use, a mere 30% have actually been tested for human exposure. Indoor air pollution is also up to five times worse than outdoor air pollution, meaning just any type of janitorial service won’t do. Find one committed to a green approach and protect everyone from the inside out.

Drastically Reduce Sick Days

Office cleaning services will go a long way in putting a dent in the amount of sick days taken. This is due to reducing the amount of bacteria and irritants in the air and on commonly touched items, keeping workers from spreading illness and putting them in a much better spot to prioritize their health. A recent survey found a staggering 100% of workers admitting they are concerned about catching a virus at work. A single dirty desk can harbor over 400 times the amount of bacteria than a toilet seat. The common cold and influenza viruses can remain active on hard surfaces for nearly two days.

Improve Your Business’s Reputation

Outsourced janitorial services will ensure your business is never passed over in favor of cleaner competitors. First impressions are very important for new customers, while remaining polished on a day-to-day basis will make repeat customers want to return again. Over 70% of adults in a recent survey on cleanliness stated they would not exercise in gyms that boasted unpleasant odors. Another study conducted by Harris Interactive also found nearly 90% of adult respondents stating cleanliness issues were a major factor in their desire to return to any athletic facility.

Encourage Higher Monthly Figures

It takes money to make money. What better way to ensure your monthly figures remain as high as possible than to reach out to outsourced janitorial services week after week? Reduced sick days means avoiding the stress and budget-crunching that comes with picking up the slack, while an improved visual reputation will encourage more customers to visit. A recent study by Hay Group Insight estimated as much as 20% of the American workforce is actively frustrated with their working conditions. Green janitorial services don’t just involve throwing out the trash and sweeping up now and then. Cleanliness is the underlying foundation of a sturdy business.

How To Hire Janitorial Services

One of the most important things you can do for your brand this year is to hire outsourced janitorial services on a routine basis. Over three million deaths every year are attributed to indoor air pollution, with much of these diseases and airborne contaminants easily avoided with regular clean-up. Office cleaning services can arrive daily or weekly, using advanced technology and green products to drastically reduce health hazards. Mold, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses harmful chemicals and smoke are just a few of the elements that should be kept out of an indoor environment for the benefit of your workers and visitors.

Stay ahead of the competition with a foundation as old as time. Hire a green cleaning service this year.

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