How to De-Childproof Your Medicine Bottles


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Childproof bottle packaging designs became a standard in the pharmaceutical industry in the 1970s, and have since helped parents keep their kids safe from inadvertently consuming dangerous amounts of potentially harmful medicines.

As great as they are, though, they’re less than helpful if you don’t have kids. In fact, one might even go as far as to say that these bottle packaging designs can be frustrating. For these childless consumers, they’re pointlessly difficult to open.

Unfortunately for them, it’s highly unlikely that pharma packaging services will make their designs any easier to open. Luckily, there is a way to make these infuriating bottle packaging designs easier to open. Here’s how.

Push Down and Turn Style Design.

These push down style tops are actually constructed with two caps — an inner and an outer one. In order to open the bottle, you have to push down on the outer cap in order to engage the inner cap. If both of these are plastic, you can push a thumbtack into the outer cap near its edge. Then, push down and twist to make the pin stick to the inner cap.

Squeeze the Sides and Turn Style Design.

These bottle packaging designs are pretty easy to open, unless you have arthritis or other hand problems. If so, you can clip the little tabs extending from the bottom of the cap, which are the very things that make it childproof, with a pair of fingernail clippers.

Push Down Tab and Turn Style Design.

Some prescription bottle packaging designs have actually been made to be either childproof or non-childproofed, if you can believe it. If your cap looks like it has a smaller cap stacked on top of it, then you can simply flip it over and use that to close the bottle.

Bottle packaging companies make their products childproof to protect young, innocent lives, but if you don’t have any young, innocent lives in your house to protect, their tough-to-open bottle packaging designs can be pretty frustrating. With these tips, you’ll hopefully have a much easier time opening them.

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