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Keeping the Clutter Out of Your Cables

Threaded inserts for plastic

The world is becoming more and more wireless, but those pesky wires are not gone for good. They still lurk behind your computer, in the back of your entertainment center, and out of your network router. In fact, until we develop the technology to yank pure energy right out of the very air itself, anything that requires power will have a cable sticking out the back of it. In the meantime, wire management is still important.

The aesthetic appeal of cleanly stored and tied cables is an easy concept to get behind. Rather than a massive snarl of unkempt wires and coiling cables, a tidy bundle of cables, secured perhaps by multicolor cable ties, is sure to bring you to a Zen like state. Everything can feed into one run, and that run can snug up nicely against your baseboard.

And what if the cables in question are higher off the floor, perhaps coming off the back of a desk? Sure, you could have a bundle running over the edge. Or you could install rubber grommets directly into the desk surface itself, so that your cables could simply disappear down a tidy little hole, to emerge cleanly and calmly out the bottom.

But wire management is about more than just making an area look better. The more wires there are, the more opportunities for confusion. A comb device can help keep cables neatly separated, so that if anything needs to be disconnected or swapped out, you can spend less time hunting for the right cable and more time addressing the problem at hand.

One day we will tell our children fantastical tales about things called “wires” that carried electricity and information, before we discovered how to transmit power with our smartphones through the air and into whichever device needed it. But until that day, wire management solutions will continue to keep our electronics neat, organized, and clutter free.

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