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The Benefits of an Industrial Water Purifier

An industrial water treatment plant or industrial water purifier takes water from a source. It processes it to remove contaminants to a level needed for a specific purpose and does so at scale. An industrial water purifier might clean water in an industrial facility or provide drinking water for a large city. They design these plants to efficiently treat water to meet specific criteria such as a maximum number of contaminants parts per million.

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An example of an industrial-scale plant might involve seawater desalinization. Israel, for instance, desalinates sea water and has the world’s largest desalinization plant. Different filtering processes remove contaminants in stages. The first stage in a desalinization plant is to pre-filter the water to eliminate large particles. The water then enters the ultra-filtration stage, which uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and microorganisms.

Reverse osmosis eliminates salt by relying on a difference in the pressure on either side of various membranes, such that water passes through a particular membrane while specific salts cannot. The relevant salts and other contaminants are removed by arranging different membranes in various combinations and orders, and the water reaches the application’s target levels.

Desalinization and other treatment plants are available in units the size of shipping containers, allowing their use in almost any location on a temporary or permanent basis.

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