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The Importance of Industrial Burners, Melters, and Valves

Rectangular burner

Equipment like residential and industrial gas burners, melting furnaces, and gas valves are a lot more important than most people think! It’s easy to assume that only big commercial businesses would be concerned with these items, but you might just be surprised by how big this industry really is. Take a look at some of the numbers below and you’ll see what we mean:

10 miles: is the average distance that the average American lives from a brewery. In fact, breweries have become so popular in recent years that the American brewing industry keeps getting larger each year. At the end of June 2014, it was estimated that around 3,000 breweries were in operation — which is more than have ever operated in the U.S. before, and you can bet that this number has only grown! These breweries commonly use gas burners and kettle heating burners to produce their products (products which are definitely in high demand).

6,000: is the number of retail bakeries that currently exist in the U.S., and this number doesn’t include the additional 2,800 commercial bakeries in the country. Think about it — you get a lot of your food from these bakeries. Without the industrial ovens to power these bakeries, a lot of people would be going hungry (or just missing their breads a lot).

50%: is the percentage of U.S. exports that are manufactured goods. In fact, many economists estimate that this percentage is even higher, especially as commercial industries continue expanding in key industries like IT and technology. All of these exports are a result of businesses that rely heavily on industrial equipment, and without these exports the American economy would seriously be hurting.

You may not have realized it before, but this industrial equipment is way more important that most people would imagine!

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