Tips for Making the Most of Your Flexible Packaging

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The flexible packaging market is one of the biggest sectors of the plastics industry today. Globally, this market is predicted to grow about 3.4% each year to reach nearly $250 billion by the end of the year. Its versatility and ability to transport more good with less makes a big difference. It takes just 1.5 pounds of flexible packaging products to move 10 gallons of liquid. It would take 26 truckloads to transport just one truckload of the same product in flexible materials. Every flexible packaging supplier knows how important it is to be able to make moving goods from one place to another more efficient.

The choices you make about how to package your products makes a big difference. The wrong customized packaging design can cost you business and impact your bottom line. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your flexible packaging supplier.

  1. You cannot rely on your parents? packaging to work for your products. Consumers are looking for different things today than they used to. They want products that consider their needs and lifestyle. Most people are a lot more mobile now than they were 50 years ago. They live their lives on the go. They expect packaging products to be convenient for them to use. Easy to open and, if appropriate, microwave.
  2. Consider Eco friendly food packaging solutions. More than ever, people want to know their packaging is recyclable. Flexible pouches packaging are actually better for the environment than other materials. Because it keeps food fresh longer, less spoiled food ends up in landfills where it produces methane and contributes to global warming. Your flexible packaging supplier should know this and most are working towards making their products even more eco-friendly.
  3. Make your packages stand out with the right flexible packaging design. Consumers will not buy your product if they do not see it on the shelf. You need to use the packaging sleeves to tell your story. You need to use bold colors and custom plastic packaging to get their attention. When plastic pouches burst onto the scene, they made a splash because they just looked so different from the jars and cans. Find a flexible packaging supplier who uses innovative techniques to develop their packaging. Make a point of putting the environmental benefits of using plastic vs. glass or cardboard. Consumers want to know they are doing some good when they buy your brand.
  4. Lose some weight. Flexible plastic packaging weighs a lot less than other materials. This means it takes less energy to transport more of your products from your warehouses to the stores. This cuts down on your costs and helps with your bottom line.

There are a lot of benefits to using a flexible packaging supplier to handle your packaging needs. Customized packaging design for foods and beverages such as zipper pouches, helps keep food fresh and contamination free longer. This keeps about 1.7 pounds of food away from landfills for every pound of plastic packaging used. This also means that more people can get that food. In parts of the developing world, where keeping food cold is hard to do, this kind of packaging can ensure more people have access to food.

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