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What to Look for When Buying an Above Ground Storage Tank

Api 653 inspection

What is an Above ground storage tank
Above ground storage tanks are storage containers which are not buried beneath the ground and are used for the containment of fuels, oils and other materials that can be considered hazardous. Before erecting an above ground storage tank, consult with your local laws and regulations. State requirements for placing above ground storage containers vary, but are in place to prevent accidental leakage and subsequent contamination of ground water sources.Oil and fuels being leaked due to inadequate storage can be detrimental to local wildlife and vegetation. For example, at least 1,500 gallons of motor oil, found in a Washington creek, had leaked from a single above ground storage tank. After a 2015 oil spill 50 ducks and geese were covered with oil.

Selecting a Above Ground Storage Tank
There are several companies that offer above ground storage services. Many offer what is called field erected tanks, tanks which are built on site as well as temporary tanks, tanks which are used for no longer than 30 days. Regulations vary by municipality for different storage types, for example, if you choose a steel tank greater than 1,100 gallons it needs to have corrosion protection. Regardless of your storage needs it is important that you buy from a reputable company. When researching storage tank construction companies make sure that they are in compliance with all new industry standards. For example, API standard 650 regulations.

What is API Standard 650
API standard 650 is a set of standards provided by the American Petroleum Institute in regards to minimum requirements for welded tanks used for oil storage. It was established to ensure that above ground storage tanks were being constructed according to a set of requirements that ensured safety and durability.

Benefits of Above Ground Storage
By having a properly built and placed above ground storage tank, you will be able to prevent the excavation which is required to install an in ground tank. Since the tank sits above ground, possible damages and leaks will be easier to spot and repair. To be a responsible owner of an above ground storage tank make sure to stay informed of local regulations as well recommendations to insure that your tank is always up to code, maintenance is the best protection from accidents.

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