3 Cool Driveways You Didn’t Know Your Home Could Have

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UPDATED 10/30/20

Homeowners today have plenty of choices when it comes to upgrades. However, the driveway may be one area that most homeowners are neglecting. Although it doesn’t seem too important, the driveway helps provide your vehicle and those of your guests with an easy pathway to your home, making it vital for everyday use. Additionally, driveway repairs can cost a fortune if you’ve chosen cheaper options in the past.

If you’re in need of a new driveway, why not consider these three interesting options for a one of a kind surface:

Concrete Driveways

driveway construction permit

When it comes to paving the path from the road to the garage, most homeowners opt for simplicity and choose a typical asphalt driveway. Roughly 90% of all paved parking areas in the U.S. are made from this substance, and of the 2.6 million roadways throughout the country, 94% are paved with asphalt. However, some homeowners may want to opt for a more durable surface, like concrete. A concrete driveway doesn’t usually require patching like an asphalt one might, and you’re less likely to see sunken driveways and other issues when you use concrete. As an added bonus, it also tends to look nicer.

Colored Concrete

We paint our houses and plant vibrantly-hued flowers outside — why not add some color to the driveway as well? Although the choices may vary depending upon what’s available there are actually around 250 different varieties of colored concrete. That means that if you’d prefer your driveway to coordinate with your house’s exterior, you can make that dream a reality thanks to the work of your concrete contractors. Even a multi-colored driveway is possible if that’s what you choose.

Curved Driveways

Most homeowners have a driveway that line up straight with the garage. However, why not think outside the box and install a driveway of a different shape instead? A curved or semicircle driveway can loop around in front of your home and provide you with an easy way to get in and out of the garage. This is also essential for those who live on busy streets and find backing out difficult. If you have a large enough yard, a half-circle or even circular driveway can make your home feel a palatial estate, plus it provides ample parking for the celebrations you host in your home.

Which driveway would you choose for your home? Tell us in the comments below. If you have questions about these services, make sure you ask your asphalt and concrete contractors about which options would work best for your property.

The beauty of a driveway plays an essential role in portraying a picture of people who live in that neighborhood. Therefore, if a driveway is old and damaged, the responsible parties can choose to renovate it or build a new one. Building a new driveway provides people with various design options from which they can choose to make an appealing driveway. The initial step to constructing a driveway is seeking a new driveway company with a driveway construction permit. Such a company would ensure to construct a driveway that meets the requirements of the people living in a particular neighborhood. 

driveway maintenance companies

The driveway leveling process requires a lot of expertise to ensure that the driveway does not easily damage. Private driveways are barely used by plenty of vehicles. Therefore, they tend to last longer than public driveways. The chances of having to construct a private driveway new are minimal. All that is needed is the services of driveway maintenance companies. Such companies would carry out regular checkups to ensure that the driveway is in good condition. If a renovation is necessary, the company ensures that it is done to the best standards to prolong the driveway’s span. A poorly 0constructed driveway would easily damage.

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