3 Heavy Equipment Components That You Cannot Afford to Cut Corners On

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Hardox steel plate

Finding great parts for large Caterpillar machinery or other heavy-duty products can be a hassle, but the quality of your heavy equipment components is a crucial factor of the quality of your work.

You need heavy equipment components that are built to last. Your heavy equipment parts are much more of an investment than a purchase, and finding the right ones for the job could save you thousands of dollars in future replacements and repairs. There are tons of great outlets that sell heavy equipment parts that can withstand any conditions and keep working as long as you do. Here are three important heavy equipment components that need to be of high quality to make your job a little bit easier:

    Diesel engines. Almost every piece of heavy machinery uses a diesel engine, and it’s important to know exactly what kind you’ll need for your machine. A two-stroke (or two-cycle) engine is a type of internal combustion engine which completes a power cycle with two strokes of the piston during one crankshaft revolution. Four-stroke diesel engines, which are also used in commercial vehicles and generators, feature pistons that complete four strokes when turning the crankshaft. You need to now which engine your machine needs to get the most out of it and increase its lifespan.

    Hydraulic systems. Another key component of your heavy equipment is its hydraulic system, which involves a number of different parts. A gear pump is used in many hydraulic systems. It works very smoothly and operates very well at pressures up to 250 bar. Your cartridge valves control the pressure and flow of your hydraulic system, and they can handle pressure over 6,000 PSI. Then there’s the hydraulic filter, which prevents contamination of your hydraulic system and keeps your heavy equipment running at full speed.

    Hardox plates. A Hardox steel plate can be used for just about anything, and people in every industry are taking notice of its many uses. From mining to building roads to construction, this all-purpose steel will stand up to the abuse of a hard day’s work and keep working long after you call it quits for the day. You need reliable steel on your equipment to avoid constant repairs and stay on the job until its complete.

Every heavy equipment component is important, but make sure all three of these are in the best condition possible before embarking on a tough job. Find a great heavy equipment servicing company and get whatever you need to make your next job the most effective one ever.

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