3 Important Spray Foam Rig Maintenance Tips

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Over time, properties begin to wear down. As this happens, cracks and tears allow air to escape. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that properly sealing air leaks can reduce energy bills by up to 20%. Considering that, both commercial and residential properties benefit from proper insulation. To achieve this goal, many people contact the services of a spray insulation company. These companies often utilize spray foam equipment to complete important insulation projects. However, it’s imperative to keep these machines in optimal condition. In this post, you’ll learn how to keep your spray foam rig properly maintained.

  1. Clean Spray Nozzle After Using

    While using your spray foam rig, this material exits from a nozzle. With that in mind, it’s easy for small pieces of spray foam to get stuck in this area. If this happens, you’ll likely find that your foam stream is much smaller than normal. In addition, foam stuck in a nozzle can even create blockages. To avoid these problems, it’s wise to clean your spray gun’s nozzle after each use. There are slight differences regarding how manufacturers build their respective spray foam products. This means it’s wise to consult manufacturer’s manuals for proper spray nozzle cleaning instructions.
  2. Implement Generator Warm Up and Cool Down Times

    Many companies purchase spray foam trailers to complete insulation work faster than normal. These trailers are great for being able to insulate large commercial properties. If the energy efficiency of these properties was improved by only 10%, it would save about $40 billion. In order to provide these kinds of savings, you’ll need a healthy spray foam rig generator. This device supplies power throughout your rig. It’s understandable to want to start the generator and begin working right away. However, it’s best to give the generator about five minutes to warm up before any spraying begins.
  3. Keep Track of Inspection Records

    Spray foam rigs are certainly amazing pieces of machinery. For your rig to remain in optimal condition, you’ll want to keep track of inspection records. For instance, spray foam rigs contain motors that need to be regularly inspected. If you don’t stay on top of inspection dates, the components in your spray foam trailer could soon stop working.

In conclusion, it’s important to know how to keep your spray foam trailer properly maintained. These items help provide immense energy savings for commercial and residential properties. Statistics from the Department of Energy found that nearly 56% of the energy used throughout homes in the United States is for cooling and heating. Follow the previously mentioned tips and you’ll be able to continue helping others avoid costly heating and cooling bills.

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