3 Industries Using Blow-Molded Plastic Products

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In the United States, the plastics industry has about one million employees. It’s also our third-largest manufacturing industry, generating $375 billion for our economy. The products produced by this industry are also widely used. For instance, we use 2.5 million plastic bottles an hour in the United States.

Machinery used to blow mold plastic containers consists of the main components; the extruder, the accumulator die, and the molds used to produce containers having various shapes and sizes. Currently, manufacturing plants use injection blow molding, stretch blow molding, or extrusion blow molding to create plastic products. Here are three examples of industries that are using these products.

1. The Pharmaceutical Industry.

As Valencia Plastics explains, the blow molding process can create an intact container without seams. Therefore, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce plastic containers that are sealable and easily disinfected.

These types of products also have safety ramifications. Large plastic drums are used to contain materials that present a biohazard. Plastic containers also ensure that medications for consumers are kept free of any foreign material and that no liquids can spill out or be chemically altered by their interaction with air.

2. The Food And Beverage Industry.

Companies such as The Cary Company use blow molding techniques to produce plastic wide-mouth round jars that can store sugar, cookies, coffee, or candies; plastic decanters to conveniently hold salad dressing, marinades, or sauces, and plastic spice jars, milk jugs and juice jugs. In addition, they provide custom blow molding services to generate bottles, jars, or other specific containers that will make products stand out.

3. The Holiday Decor Industry.

The huge plastic outdoor holiday decorations we all enjoy seeing at Halloween and Christmas are, in fact, blow molded. Companies such as Discount99.us and The Spruce carry a variety of charming vintage and modern plastic blow molded pumpkins, ghosts, reindeer, and Santas.

The plastic industry is booming, and many industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and holiday decor rely on blow molded plastic products. Whether your industry needs safe medication containers, plastic round jars, or outlandish outdoor decorations, a company that blow molds plastic products can produce or custom make them for you.

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