3 Reasons Why Your Medical Practice Should Use Electronic Billing

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When it comes to running a medical practice, why should electronic billing be used, rather than having a focus on in-person billing? Medical practices need to cater to their clients directly and one might think an electronic process will eliminate that. But what are the benefits?

Not everyone will be able to return to the hospital to pay in person. Sometimes people are in such poor conditions that they cannot afford to go back to the hospital due to physical stress on the body. When it comes to how to market real estate to doctors, there should be an emphasis on the accessibility of paying for things online. Healthcare real estate advisors should focus on setting up electronic billing payments for patients, rather than a continual focus on medical facilities for sale, or medical property for sale.

When doctors are choosing equipment for their practices it will be easier to do medical equipment appraisals online, as well. They have access to the full scope of the internet for their comparisons. Creating an easy portal for clients and doctors to use will help a practice run smoothly.

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If you run a medical practice such as a doctor’s office or specialist clinic, your staff has many tasks to complete each day and medical billing does not have to be one of them. Outsourcing medical billing can open you up to many professional billing solutions that you may not have been able to implement in-house. One newer solution is electronic billing, a feature that can be a great asset to your medical practice. Here are three reasons why you should consider a billing service that offers electronic billing for your practice:

It Saves You Money

Even when outsourcing medical billing, paper costs are always a concern. By avoiding paper, your practice can save an average of 11.5 cents per billing statement. Just think of how quickly that will add up!

It is Good for the Environment

In today’s business world, it is important to be “green” and make an effort to waste less resources. Implementing an electronic billing system is one excellent way to do this as it is much better for the environment than traditional paper billing.

It is Convenient for Customers

This is arguably the most important reason why your medical practice should be using electronic billing. With an E-bill, customers receive their bills faster and an E-bill is much easier for the customer to pay. This ease of payment can lead to more responsive customers and it can help cut collections time. One study showed that half of customers paid an electronic bill before a paper bill would have arrived in the mail and almost a fifth of customers paid the very same day. This efficiency will benefit you as well as your customers.

If the reasons above aren’t enough to convince you to consider outsourcing medical billing to a company that provides E-billing services, consider this: A quarter of customers reported that their relationship with their biller had improved after their biller switched to electronic billing. E-billing is a billing solution that you and your customers can both appreciate.

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