4 Reasons Custom Banners are Great for a Business

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There are many types of banners for sale that can help a business enhance branding, reach out to new customers, and convey values. With so many types of banners for sale, not to mention other signs and display boards, are any of these banners for sale actually useful? And how?

Custom Banners are Inexpensive

Unlike other types of signage, a banner is one of the least expensive to produce, hang, and replace when necessary. You can design a banner for far less than you could ever record even a short radio ad. Studies show that the value of signage on a business site is as great as taking out 24 newspaper ads, full-page, every year.

Those Banners for Sale Really Do Work

If you place your sign in a good place, you’ll get about 50 to 60 local consumers to see and really notice it every month, on average. Another study recently showed that half of the customers who came into a business came in because of the sign or display board.

Banners Can Really Speak to Who You Are

When surveyed, 85% of people agree that signs are able to tell them what the personality or character of a business is. Those banners for sale are doing more than just stating information. They’re conveying who you are, what you’re like, and what your business values. And since more than 70% of people look at roadside advertising when they go by, you’re not only reaching people at the moment but also over time as they come to be familiar with your unique custom display board or signs on their daily route.

Banners Let You Target Your Audience

You may choose permanent signage for your main business name and contact information. But all those banners for sale let you customize your outreach for specific events, to specific people, or for specific time periods. They let you change things up and convey interest, while still being connected to the steady presence of your brand.

Banners and Display Boards are Mobile

If you make a mistake in sizing or placement with your permanent signage, you either have to pay quite a chunk of change to fix it, or you have to just leave it. Banners, yard signs, posters, display boards: all these can be easily moved. If you want to try a different side of the lot, or if something unexpected gets in the way, you can easily fix the problem by moving your sign.

There’s a lot of good reason for a business to use banners, posters, and other similar custom signage. If you want a convenient, mobile, inexpensive way to communicate with your community, look for banners for sale and customizable boards that you can design in whatever way you like.

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