4 Tips for Choosing the Best ERP Software


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Anyone who wants to run a business wants to maximize productivity. But often, owners and managers fail to account for the growing size of a business. Without adequate strategies, this growth can actually slow a business down. If you’re a growing business looking to streamline workflow and increase productivity, one of the best small business management software solutions available is ERP.

What is ERP Software?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Basically, ERP is a software suite — meaning several interconnected applications — that collects, stores, manages and interprets data. It is often used to plan products, track inventory, encourage collaboration among workers and departments, generate sales reports and track marketing effectiveness.

How Can I Choose the Best ERP Software?

The best ERP software for any given business will differ based on that business’ particular needs. The best ERP for food processing industry businesses, for example, might differ from the ERP that would most benefit a tech startup. But there are a few tips for selecting an ERP that apply to any type of business:

  • List Requirements First: List out what you need before you ever start looking at products. You may find as you screen systems that you’ve forgotten a few things, but this will at least allow you to prioritize.
  • Take Into Account Mobile Concerns:
    If your company allows employees to use their smartphones for work purposes (commonly known as BYOD, bring your own device), then make sure the ERP systems you’re looking at are mobile-friendly.
  • Get Personal Referrals: If possible, get personal recommendations from within your industry.
  • Think About the Future: If your company is planning on growing further in the next five years, make sure your prospective system can handle that kind of expansion.

Once you’ve selected an ERP system, remember that it will only increase productivity if you give your employees a thorough training program and time to adjust.

Do you have any tips on finding the best ERP software solutions? Share your advice in the comments.

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