4 Types of Equipment Used for Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray foam insulation is becoming a more and more popular form of insulation. This is because it offers some great benefits over traditional insulation, such as greater efficiency and easy installation. The spray foam business uses multiple different kinds of equipment to perform the installation task, and they all work together to create a fast and efficient insulation process. We will go over several of the spray foam tools and equipment below as well as what they do so that you can better understand how the process works.

1. Spray Foam Gun

This is one of the more obvious pieces of spray foam tools and equipment that are used. The gun is the part of the machine that has a trigger and shoots out the foam. This is the last step in the foam dispensing process and they come in different styles and sizes. The style and size used is going to depend on the task at hand.

2. Spray Foam Rig

Spray foam rigs are essentially mobile spray foam systems. They are trailers that contain equipment such as generators and air compressor cables. They allow you to take your business out on the road and transport all of your equipment with ease.

3. Spray Foam Proportioners
The proportioners are the bulk of the equipment, as they are the machine that mixes and outputs the foam. Different machines have different output rates, which means you can buy one with a higher output rate to get jobs done faster.

4. Spray Foam Planers

Planers are used when a job requires a smooth, flat finish. They are motor run which means they are quick to use and are used to smooth out spray foam that has already been applied. They may not always be necessary, but they are a good thing to have.

Investing in spray foam equipment and getting into the spray foam business is a wise decision from a financial and growth standpoint. It’s a growing industry that is steadily becoming more popular among different building projects and contractors. Older insulation practices still have their place, but if you want to enter into a blooming business then you should certainly consider working with spray foam insulation.

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