An Interview with Jim Salters, CEO of The Business Backer

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The Business Backer is a provider of financing for business owners that also offers advisement for up-and-coming companies. We sat down with the company’s CEO, Jim Salters, to discuss the finer points of his industry.

Mr. Salters, starting a business of this magnitude seems very time- and labor-intensive. What made you decide to take on that kind of challenge?

As former business owners, we knew what a nightmare it was to find financing as a small or medium-sized business owner. Business owners are overwhelmed with automated cold calls, fax blasts, and mountains of mailers from companies they have never heard of. The number of options for financing can often be confusing and lead to poor decisions with devastating consequences.

No one was providing trusted, expert advice to business owners about the vast array of financing options that are available. There are more financing options than ever before, but hardly anyone knows about them, and most importantly whether they are appropriate for a business owners’ specific situation. They aren’t sure who they can trust.

We decided that business owners deserve better. They deserve an expert advisor they can trust. They deserve to be offered the whole array of options they qualify for, not just the options that made the most money for the lender. They deserve to talk to a real human being who is skilled and experienced enough to understand their situation, give good advice, and look beyond the surface data like credit scores, zip codes, and financial ratios. Business owners deserve a company that considers their success as their own success, so we started The Business Backer.

I can tell that you’re very passionate about this topic. What services do you provide to help business owners make the right decisions?

We serve small and medium-sized business owners. They are our American heroes. Many of our team are former business owners themselves. We fundamentally understand the challenges a business owner faces in running and financing their business.

We are experts in the dozens of financing options available to business owners and the hundreds of providers offering them. We help our customers avoid the costly (and sometimes fatal) mistakes we see too many business owners make, and we save them a ton of time so they can quickly and efficiently get the capital they need to survive and thrive.

Our team of trusted expert advisors have access to every lending product available on the market: bank loans, equipment loans, receivables factoring, asset-based lending, and a wide variety of alternative loans and funding. We help business owners create customized solutions tailored to their credit profile, their situation, and their goals. We have secured financing and made a positive change in the lives of more than 4,000 business owners, and have talked to more than 25,000 business owners over the past five years.

The Business Backer is located at 10101 Alliance Road, Suite 140 in Cincinnati, OH. For more information about the company, visit or call (513) 680-9202.

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