Are Your Fertilizer Tanks at Risk of Explosion? It’s More Likely Than You Think

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Fertilizer tanks are an essential part of any agricultural venture.

But these tanks are subject to corrosion, leaks and a number of other things that can compromise their ability to contain the liquid fertilizer within. And because liquid fertilizer is one of the most flammable substances out there, any liquid fertilizer tank that’s unable to properly contain its contents is at risk of explosion — which can cause utter devastation wherever it takes place.

Here are three of the most common signs, indicators and risk factors that could result in an explosion of your liquid fertilizer tanks if left unattended:

Chemical additives

In some cases, fertilizer will contain highly flammable chemicals like ammonium nitrate. Considering the flammable nature of liquid fertilizer on its own, these added chemicals make a substance that’s dangerously prone to catching fire and exploding. If your farm relies on liquid fertilizer that contains added chemicals, it’s essential to take extra care to maintain your liquid fertilizer tanks — as you’re at a much higher risk for an explosion to take place.

Damaged or outdated fertilizer tanks

Fertilizer tanks, as stated before, are highly subject to corrosion and leakage. This is especially true when they’re kept above-ground. To prevent the risk for these things, be sure to always replace your fertilizer tanks as soon as their lifespan runs out, and to repair them whenever any signs of damage are detected.

Failure to inspect your fertilizer tanks

It’s no longer an option to neglect regular tank inspection according to API 653 standards. Fertilizer tanks should be examined and inspected every day to ensure they’re up to standard and aren’t at risk for explosion due to a fertilizer leak.

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