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Finding your purpose in life can be a long and winding road. There are those fortunate souls who know from a young age what line of work they want to do, but a vast majority must put in a good deal of soul searching to find the calling that truly seems to fit. And what an adventure that can be, with the right mentality! Life is more than work, so finding something that you love to do that still allows you to function in the lifestyle that you desire is certainly a blessing.

Some people are gifted with many talents and interests, and perhaps tire quickly of doing just one thing. We live in a society that isn’t always very encouraging of a lifestyle that constantly changes, but it is possible.

Where to start when looking for a career change
The way that society is built, the longer you are in one field or at one job, the better opportunities you could find yourself faced with. So many people never attempt to start over, simply for fear of not finding another job that would allow them to maintain their standard of living. But in all things worth doing, there is at least a little bit of work and sacrifice involved. What is important is looking at your set of life skills and interpreting just how they can best be utilized.

For some, this begins by starting to explore options with the comfort and security of remaining in one’s existing job during the process, but sometimes it can be difficult to focus on and uncover just what else suits you best, as you have already created a lifestyle of routine and habit. So for those who need a bit of an extra push, a bit of guidance, or a whole heap of instruction, investing in a life and career coach could be a wise move. From there, be honest with yourself about what it is that you want from life, and begin building on the steps to reach those new goals.

Life coaching on your new and exciting path
Though society does not encourage a change of pace or scenery or career once you have found a foothold and begun to work your way up in one industry or another, knowing that you are not alone in your urge to switch to something new can be helpful. While the average individual can change jobs anywhere from 10 to 15 times throughout the course of his or her career, this is often within one industry, or includes odd jobs that were taken when working toward stability in one career or another.

Overall, only about 4% of the recent total workforce switched jobs from one occupational group to another, so you can see that the percentage of those who attempt that major shift is not very high. Still, the percentage accounts for some 6.2 million workers nationwide. There are others like you, and it’s possible not only to attempt, but to succeed in completely switching your career. The most important thing is that you find something that allows you to thrive and be happy, because that’s how you’ll make the most out of life. Finding a life coach to guide you through that sometimes scary process will make things go much more smoothly for you.

Attorney career changes
Among those who seek a new lifestyle and a change of pace from the life that they have built for themselves so far, several are those are attorney career changes. Just over 2% of individuals working in the legal field changed careers over the course of one year, and of those who made the switch during that year, about 16% of them changed their careers to something in business and financial operations. Attorney career changes can be prompted by a number of things, from dissatisfaction of the way the system is structured, to boredom, to the realization that one’s skills could be a better fit elsewhere.

From attorney career changes to those in the medical world and beyond, people should feel free to live and work in the areas that they feel the most alive. It’s never too late to switch it up.

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