Big or Small – Graphics Speak to Potential Customers and Bring Them to Your Booth!

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Interactive exhibit design

Almost all products and services feature a trade show at some point in time. Half of the trade shows in the United States take place in only three cities. Of the largest 200 trade shows today, about 50% occur in Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando. Some trade shows feature products or services that are intended for the participants to buy, order, or sign up for future contact. Some trade shows are to show the latest and greatest items, technology or programs and attendees gather the information to take back to their employer for future purchase of that technology, program or product.

Trade shows are a good place to network. Participants at the trade show are all there for the same reason, to view the products and services that are exhibited for that trade or specialty. What better way to find, meet and network with others who are interested in the same area or topic. Trade show graphics bring the people to your booth. What is the first thing the participants will see as they stroll through the booth? Your banner or headline to announce your product or business and other information about your company. Depending on the distance between your booth and where attendees will be standing or walking, you may need to have various sizes of graphics. The trade show graphics should be one of three main types which include long-range, medium-range and short-range. This allow attendees to take notice of your booth from a distance, move in closer to find out more and visit the booth to read the short-range wording.

The trade show graphics make all the difference, they bring the people to your booth. Trade show booth design is an important aspect of the trade show to get the attention of attendees but also allows space for browsing and interacting with your company or program employees.

Another item that is important to the custom exhibit design is what is free and given away to those who stop by the booth. Your trade show graphics can announce what is being given away, maybe it is pens, or pins, or magnets. Maybe you are giving away note pads, erasers, pencils or markers. Other popular items to give away include candy, snacks or water. Many people enjoy the opportunity to get something for free and you can include your trade show graphics imprinted on the items you are giving away. People are more likely to step up to your booth and look at your custom exhibits if there are free items or trinkets that draw them to your booth.

Attendees at a trade show will spend a significant amount of time at the show. A typical span of time for the average U.S. trade show visitor to spend viewing exhibits will be nine and one half hours. Because attendees are willing to dedicate that much time to the trade show booth, it is also important to have an interactive exhibit design so the trade show viewer not only steps up to your both and observes your trade show graphics, but that person also takes the time to interact with your employees in the booth.

Trade show booth designs sometimes showcase only the product. For instance, attendees at an auto show or boat show want to see, touch and get into the car or boat. Those who attend a trade show for home and garden will expect to see examples of products, sit on the deck furniture and feel like they are enjoying the outdoor fireplace. On the other hand, trade show exhibit design for the fishing and camping show will allow participants to look at video and testimonials in the trade show graphics. The attendees cannot physically see and visit the fishing and camping sites so your booth will need to show other types of graphics and interactive information to convince them to select your site or sign up for your tour.

Whether your booth or exhibit is selling a product or service, offering innovation and ideas to companies or providing governmental or social service to the public, the trade show graphics make all the difference.

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