Cartons, Sachets And Bottles How Blister Packaging Works In The United States

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Medication blister packaging

One of the most underappreciated facets of transporting necessary medical and food supplies is the art of blister card packaging. Blister package design is designed from the ground up to create a stable and reliable transportation environment for supplies ranging from pills to consumables, necessary for millions of people across the country who need the expertise of medical professionals to lead a healthy lifestyle. Knowing the difference between clinical packaging and labeling techniques is essential and can easily be figured out through stability studies. Below is a comprehensive list of the best blister packaging techniques and the particular industries and products they’re suited for.

What Is Blister Packaging?

Stability studies are used to analyze the properties of blister packaging design and create the most reliable modes of packaging and transportation no matter the industry. The main aspect of blister packaging is the cavity, or pocket, creating a formable web around the product in question — this keeps it safer and less likely to get damaged during transport. Blister packaging is a catch-all term that includes a wide variety of molding techniques, ranging from cartoning to pouches to clamshells.

What Kinds Of Blister Packaging Are There?

There are multiple kinds of blister packaging, to better suit the unique needs of differing industries in the United States. A blister package that folds onto itself, for example, is referred to as a ‘clamshell’. Blister packaging used for pharmaceuticals generally includes peelable lamination for easier opening alongside child safety features and expiration date printing. Liquid products are often packaged in either pouches or sachets, both providing an easy opening process as well as keeping the product from spilling during transport. Last, but not least, cartoning is a very popular option of packaging among pharmaceuticals for their accurate labeling and instructions.

What Additional Features Can Be Used?

Stability studies have shown that additional features increase the efficiency of the product at hand, even something as simple as clearer instructions or a child safety lid. Blister packaging can be easily customized through different colors, styles and container options for more satisfying consumption, but they’re far from the only adjustments that can be made. Card blister packaging allows clients the ability to add coupons with their product, helping them save money and make necessary future purchases.

How Many People Need Blister Packaging?

Ongoing stability studies are conducted to analyze the rate of medication and food in the modern market. Nearly half of all Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month, while three-quarters of all medical visits have involved some form of drug therapy. Doctors, nurses and pharmacies all together either ordered or provided over 270 million prescription drugs during hospital emergencies alone, making clinical labeling one of the most necessary processes of the modern day. Some pharmaceutical companies turn to customized packaging for their injectable products, such as auto injector pens and sterilized bottles.

Which Blister Packaging Should I Use?

Thanks to modern advances in blister packaging design, there’s a technique available for every industry. It’s the most commonly used package unit dose method used by pharmaceuticals in the United States and its reliability cannot be understated. When transporting liquids, sachets or pouches are ideal for their flexible design. Cartoning is particularly useful for more complex products, allowing for a wide variety of helpful information alongside easy opening techniques. If safety is a concern, bottles can be fitted with child proof lids to discourage easy opening. With blister card packaging, anything is possible.

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