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Customer Service in furniture sales is a whole new tactic that you have to learn. It’s not the same as working at other retail locations. There’s more personality that you can bring to the table and there’s more of yourself that you can bring into the equation as well.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that your goal is to create a connection.

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That connection isn’t something small either! You want to find a way to get a relationship going right away, especially one that is realistic and based on realistic expectations. The customer knows that they are coming in to spend money so why not ask them what their budget is?

Another thing to be sure of is that you are unique. Don’t just say things like, “Welcome to the store”, or something simple. Add some flare to what you are saying like “I’m glad you came in today!” Now there’s something different. Create that connection by telling someone that you are glad that they are there which is the truth. Without the customer, there’s no store.

Finally, when working in furniture sales it is important to remember that you are there to help the customer find their way around the store and navigate what you know best. Share information and be that guiding family member that helps them in their time of need.


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