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Different Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Decorative street clocks

Artificial outdoor lighting is created using lighting fixtures and can often be a major element in a landscape design for home owners, country clubs, government buildings, and businesses.

The best outdoor lighting fixtures filter or transform the light that is emitted from either one or more lamps. In terms of physics, outdoor lighting uses basic reflection, absorption, transmission, and refraction in order to light up the night.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: Did you know that the first widespread system of street lighting was invented in 1735? It used piped coal gas as it’s fuel. Outdoor commercial lighting fixtures and other fixtures have come a long way since then.

Adding street lamps to a building can increase visibility at night and provides a classy, comfortable feel to any outdoor area. The best outdoor lighting fixtures will be able to provide both aesthetic needs and functional needs — such as creating a safe nighttime environment on a college campus.

Lights and lamp posts can often be shipped already pre-wired and pre-assembled in order for country clubs and gold courses to quickly and efficiently finish the installation process without losing any revenue.

Types of Lighting Fixtures:

  1. Sports lighting – Typically mounted on the side of a field and placed high above the playing area, these have high wattage.
  2. Street and roadway – These can often be rustic outdoor lighting fixtures and are normally mounted on arms or are post-top mounted.
  3. Security – Used mostly to visually secure a specific area, these allow people to survey and area and to aid security cameras in the dark.
  4. Landscape – Used to light buildings, plants, fountains, these decorative outdoor lighting fixtures are essentially accent lights that are used to create a certain mood.
  5. Floodlight – Used mostly on buildings or billboards and are normally not decorative.
  6. Pathway – Most country clubs opt for vintage outdoor lighting fixtures for their pathways; these are mounted in the ground.
  7. Signage – Made to have asymmetrical reflectors in order to evenly distribute light, these fixtures should be designed to wick water away and resis ice buildup.
  8. Parking lot/garage – Mounted normally on post-top brackets and can be arranged in various configurations (single, twin, quad).

Today’s Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: Country clubs, gold courses, government buildings, and even home owners are now benefiting from a vastly improved aesthetic appearance of outdoor lighting.

Some small historic towns or cities or buildings can opt for lighting that best fits the existing decor or architecture. Outdoor lighting businesses can offer antique-appearing street lamps or create a more modern-looking fixture for furniture stores or new businesses.
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