Do You Use Bubble Mailers for Shipping?

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Ordering those phone charger cables for your daughters for Christmas was a great idea. So was the watch with the mosaic elephant face. The girls both loved the long phone cords, and your youngest daughter hasn?t taken the watch off her wrist since she opened it Christmas morning. Luckily, the fact that all of these internet ordered gifts shipped in bubble mailer envelopes even kept the shipping costs to a minimum.
Wholesale bubble mailers are, in fact, one of the least expensive shipping methods. Protecting everything from audio compact discs to movie DVRs, theses cheap mailers include very lightweight packaging, and can often ship for the same charge as an envelope. Avoiding expensive shipping costs lets many small businesses across the country successfully and inexpensively ship their items. Without expensive shipping fees, internet businesses can use cheap laser labels for addressing their packages, and cheap bubble mailers for many of their products.
Presentation is everything, and the way your business packages the items it ships can set the tone for how your product is received and whether or not your company will get additional business from that customer.
Interestingly enough, how you present every aspect of your business to your employers and your customers impacts the first impression that they may have. A well stocked mailing center in your office, for example, lets your employees know that everything they do while they are at work sets the tone for what the customer thinks about your operation.
Did you know, for instance, that most Americans confess to judging coworkers by the appearance of their desks? Nearly 60% say that how clean or dirty a workspace is determines the first impression that employee makes. Carrying that telling statistic even further, it can be assumed that everything that you present in your office will affect the first impression your clients have.
Taking the time to order wholesale bubble mailers, laser inkjet labels, and bulk 3 ring binders, can set the tone for your office staff, which they project to your customer base. The average office employee uses nearly 10,000 sheets of copy paper in a year. As a whole this means that printing and writing paper is nearly 50% of the paper production in America.
As you begin the year 2016, what does your office supply inventory look like? Do you need to reorder wholesale bubble mailers, printable sticker labels, spiral notebook graph paper, or other supplies to make sure that you are ready for your best year yet? Will the products and proposals that you mail to your customers and clients give the correct impression of you by the presentation of the products that you ship?

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