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If you’re running your own business, investing in tactics to up sales and draw in customers can make a huge difference in today’s competitive market. An easy and affordable step to advertise deals and highlight products is to purchase in-store signage and custom price tags for retail products. After all, it’s while the shopper is in the store itself that around 82% of their purchase-related decisions are made. There’s no doubt that an eye-catching ad can make a big impact on your profits.

Appealing to the Impulse Buyer

Unless a person is extremely strong-willed, it’s safe to say that just about everyone make an impulse buy now and then. It’s fun to stray from a strict list of groceries every once in a while, and who doesn’t like to treat themselves to something unusual from time to time? Well, as the owner or manager of a store, it’s important to appeal to that desire to make purchases that may be out of the norm. That’s where in-store marketing comes in.

Marketing Support, Inc. and Leo J. Shapiro and Associates did a study that revealed a good majority of shoppers (around one-third) made an impulse buy every single week. In fact, they classified these as “sizeable impulse” buys, meaning the store’s profits could have been very positively affected.

Another study showed that 68% of American shoppers made certain buys all because of sign that drew in their attention and swayed their thinking. Appealing to the desires of the consumer is a great business strategy and it makes the customer happier, too. They get to head home having made a fantastic deal on something they love, and the store benefits from the sale. It’s a win-win all around.

Highlighting Sales and Discounts

When prices drop on a specific product, it typically means the store is looking to clear out inventory. This is the time to use printed signs, shelf tags, and shelf-edge promotional strategies to clear out these items and up your sales. Put up custom price tags for retail products that you want to sell out of, and advertise your fantastic deals on signage throughout the store. In no time, you’ll be sold out!

There’s no reason to put it off any longer. In-store signage is affordable, easy to utilize, and it will only bring positive results when it comes to sales and customers relations. Get started on it today!

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