Ecologically Beneficial Cleaning with CO2 Pellets and Dry Ice Blasting

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Dry ice has been around for well over half a century, with uses as decorative gas and coolant as well. However, it is also effective as a cleaning agent with dry ice blasting. CO2 pellets are often coated with water in order to release entertaining gas, but as a coolant and cleaner, it is of great quality.

Dry Ice Blasting

This service of CO2 pellets, releasing carbon dioxide gas onto surfaces, helps with what has been proven to be 75% increased cleaning from traditional methods. So many cleaning services are able to use this service, especially considering the nature of carbon dioxide and the fact that it is not troublesome for breathing. With many cleaning chemicals being harmful upon inhalation, there is much to gain from dry ice blasting. Some of these cleaning service options include:

  • CO2 cleaning services
  • Dry ice blasting services
  • Dry ice cleaning services
  • Ice blasting
  • Ice blasting services
  • Ice blasting solutions

Environmentally Safe Cleaners

With the use of natural cleaners like dry ice or CO2 pellets, there is much to be gained in the further protection of the earth. Water pollution will slowly be reduced, along with the containers holding chemical-filled cleaners being disposed into landfills. Luckily, with these being much more environmentally friendly there is safety and health to be expected in the home and outside alike.

Additionally, some information to consider when switching to dry ice blasting includes the following:

  1. More than chemicals, compressed air is the source of dry ice blasting, up to 90 PSI, for dry ice pellets blasted at various surfaces to instantly clean them.
  2. Carbon dioxide is generally considered harmless, but proper ventilation is required in order to maintain this safety when dry ice blasting is done with this gas being 40% heavier than air.
  3. In addition to all of this, dry ice blasting services are considered to be completely ecologically safe.

With all of this considered, there is much to find in the use of CO2 pellets or dry ice blasting for cleaning common areas and those with the most traffic. Mold and dust often provide chronic allergy and sinus problems, leading to the need for cleaner surfaces at all times, and this service is able to help.

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