Essential Tips On Proper Blister Packaging And Shipping Techniques

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One of the most important, and oft overlooked, aspect of the medical industry are proper packaging services. Everything from blister package design to childproof sealing to timely transportation is necessary to get essential medicine and supplements into the hands of those who need it most. Pharmaceutical track and trace is designed to streamline the process, without losing efficiency or quality, by choosing the best blister packaging techniques to better ensure important products are not lost or damaged on the way to their destination.

Pharmaceutical Industry In The U.S.

Doctors and nurses provided well over 270 million prescription drugs during emergency visits in 2010 alone. It’s estimated half of all Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month and over three-quarters of all medical visits involved at least one form of drug therapy. Doctors either ordered or provided over 285 million prescription drugs for outpatient hospital visits, which means a lot can potentially go wrong if packaging is not done properly.

Liquid And Bottle Packaging

Not all items should be packaged the same. Liquid products, for example, are often put into either pouches or sachets with childproof seals and easy-to-tear openings to discourage spills. Multiple bottle packaging options, on the other hand, have bar code printing for easy identification and twist-off caps that discourage youthful curiosity. Pharmaceutical track and trace techniques include PVC and foil combinations, which can keep items from being shaken or cracked when shipped.

Forms Of Customization

There are many ways to customize blister packaging bottle packaging designs, be it through color or different container options. Medicine is exchanged through many different hands as its transported and stocked throughout the country, which means it needs to be easily identifiable and properly stored no matter who handles it. Expiration dates and helpful labels can also encourage quality control well down the road.

Shipping And Receiving

If you need to transport a large amount of product in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality, high-speed blister packaging will help you efficiently create the amount you need, in the time-span you need. Liners and seals are used to discourage prying, as well as inform those of what to do next in the transportation process. Pharmaceutical track and trace is implemented into all bottle packaging companies to create flexible, but well-worn, methods of providing medical services to all who need it.

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