Types of Commercial Fire Suppression Systems


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A fire can happen anywhere and at any time. It is important to have an early warning system, such an alarm, along with a fire suppression system to ensure the utmost safety of the people in your building, along with the property inside of it. There are many types of commercial fire sprinkler systems, so you need to find the right type for you business. Property classes are divided into four areas: hotels, apartments, offices, and places that care for the sick. Take these into consideration when searching through the different types of systems.

Apartment Fire Systems
Apartment fire alarms are a must have for any property manager, but have you thought about further apartment fire protection? Apartment fire alarms provide an early warning to residents, but it does not suppress the fire that is damaging property and threatening to travel from one apartment to another. A fire sprinkler system can be designed for the different layouts of your apartment, which helps the fire to stop spreading, and help protect your property from more damage. Consider that a reduction of 50% in loss of life, injuries, and property damage happens with early warning systems and automatic sprinklers, so it could potentially save large amounts of money.

Hospital Fire Suppression Systems
Electrical malfunctions cause 19% of non-confined fires in hospitals, which is the leading cause of fires. When considering the different types of systems for a hospital, think about a clean agent fire suppression system. A clean agent system is fast and does not leave behind large amounts of water that a traditional sprinkler system does. This can be the different between saving large amounts of electronics and equipment in the hospital to having to replace all of these items because of water damage.

Commercial Fire Suppression System
There are other types of commercial fire suppression systems depending on the type of industry and workplace you are in. For example, if your company has highly flammable materials on-site, you want to consider a deluge sprinkler system. This type of system is for those places that have Class B fire extinguishers. Another option is a foam suppression system. A fire retardant foam is sprayed over the fire quickly putting it out.

From apartment fire alarms to industrial fire suppression systems, you want to make sure you have the right type of protection for your business. Consult with an expert to find the optimal system for your building size and the right type of suppression agent to keep your property safe from damage.

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