Event Planning Is a Major Industry in This Country

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The black stanchions are in place and the crews are ready for the crowds!
As the first of the teams arrive in Omaha, Nebraska, for the 2018 College World Series Baseball Championships, the city is ready. With black stanchions in place in locations as diverse as the concession stand of the ballpark and the touch tank at the zoo, it takes all kinds of organization to make sure a city is ready for the thousands of people who will be in town for the next two weeks.

Ceiling draping kits that are often used for weddings this time of the year in other parts of the country are being used to create large dining spaces for sponsors, fans, and athletes. Temporary changing rooms are placed in warehouse that are otherwise empty during the rest of the year for fans and athletes alike who will be shopping for athletic apparel honoring not only the Greatest Show on Dirt, but also their favorite teams.

Hosting an Event Requires Attention to Many Details

Whether it is a small wedding reception or a major sporting event, it is important to make sure that the hosts have their acts together. And while you might often think about the food itself and the game that will be played when it comes to a wedding or a baseball tournament, there are many behind the scenes preparations that need to be attended to. From table skirt clips at a dinner buffet to black retractable belt stanchions for spaces that need to be able to manage large crowds, finding the right supplies takes both planning and knowledge.

Another venue that requires careful attention to the space that is being used is a trade show. In fact, the trade show industry plays a significant role in the nation’s economy. From the materials that are used to prepare a space to the cost of transporting the booths themselves, trade shows are an example of how preparing a space ahead of time can pay enormous benefits later.

Did you know, for instance, that conferences are the most popular type of event to plan with 62.4% of professional organizers planning these types of events? In fact, 39% of event planners indicate that escalating trade show costs and budget and resource management are their biggest challenge.
For the rest of this month the focus of the sports world might be on the college baseball tournament in Omaha, but the fact of the matter is there are thousands of event planners who are using the same black stanchions and other organizational and decorating materials to make sure that they are ready for the guests that they are expecting.

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