Factors To Consider When Building A Pop Up Container Shop

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Pop up container shops are increasingly attracting more attention from the small business sector with a current market valuation of $50 billion. More businesses opt to come up with mobile offices, shops, and even restaurants from modified shipping containers. This is as a result of the wide variety of benefits that accrue from pop up containers. Business owners can enjoy durability due to the sturdy material used in the manufacture of the shipping containers. Flexibility is also a guaranteed advantage. You can modify your pop up shop to create more space, improve its aesthetic appeal, or develop a design that perfectly fits the business you are in. Furthermore, there is the element of cost-effectiveness. Coming up with a shipping container cafe, pop up container bar, shipping container studio or pop up container shop does not require you to spend quite a fortune. The pop up containers can be prefabricated earlier enough; therefore, no wastage of construction materials.

As many businesses and organizations start to appreciate the value of pop containers, especially in providing office spaces and working areas, there is need also to be vigilant. There are several factors to put into consideration before setting up that pop up container shop.


The pop up shop should serve you for a long time. You do not have to be subjected to unnecessary repair and maintenance costs. This calls for vigilance when selecting a shipping container you intend to use for that project. It has to be strong enough and not susceptible to rust. Usually, durable steel shipping containers can serve you for about 25 years and need minimal maintenance. If you go for such a container, it means for 25 years you do not have to worry about getting another one. You will save on the repair and maintenance costs.

Strategic Positioning

As a business owner, you intend to attract as many customers as possible. This means you need to create awareness about your product and services to get more clients to visit your shop. Furthermore, the pop-up shop should be located in a strategic position that potential customers can easily access. Before setting up your pop up containers shop, ensure you have selected a perfect location. The location should not only be within reach of customers but also provide a conducive environment for them.

Design Is Vital

The design of your pop up shop is very significant. Remember you need to boost your sales. This comes with attracting a large number of customers. Therefore, you have to create that magnetic pull. This can come from the design you choose. Fortunately, with pop up containers, you have the freedom to customize and prefabricate them to fit the design you want. Most importantly, the design should be appealing and attractive to customers. Include business signage that is not only informative but also has an amazing aesthetic appeal. Potential customers will easily spot your pop up shop and also get a highlight of what your business is all about, courtesy of the signage in place.


Business growth is everything every entrepreneur or sole proprietor looks forward to. But as the business grows, more obligations arise. You will need to have more storage for your products. You will need to venture into another customer base. Shifting to another location can be a daunting process. The frustration even comes when looking for an office space or a building to set up a store. Fortunately, shipping containers have tremendously helped solve that issue of space, but there is a need to be careful with the container you use. Flexibility is very important since it allows proper redesigning and prefabrication which will suit your business. Take note of that.


If each shipping container were to be lined up end to end in the entire world, they would circle the earth twice. Currently, there are approximately 17 million shipping containers globally, with only 6 million of them being in use. One of the main uses is the prefabrication of those containers to come up with shops, bars, and even restaurants. This approach has taken the construction industry by storm. But exercise caution as you choose this method since you can end up with a low-quality customized shipping container shop.

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