Fast Access to Both New and Used Heavy Machinery Parts Is Essential to Many Companies

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Memorial Day and the pool still is not ready. It was the one request you had back in February when you started making the plans and signing the contracts. In fact, you had crossed a couple of contractors of your list because they would not offer you a Memorial Day completion date.
And now, after finally making up for lost time caused by all of the rain in the early part of May it came down to just one thing. One thing that kept your family from enjoying their Memorial weekend in their own backyard pool.
Used Caterpillar Parts.
Essentially, the pool project is complete, but the finally grading is unfinished. And with the chance for rain sometime over the holiday weekend, the contractor refused to fill the pool until the final dirt mounds were redistributed, moved, or packed down. Unfortunately, the heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders froze up and the necessary parts were not available. Even phone calls to the used Caterpillar parts shops around town could not provide the parts that were needed fast enough.
So instead of spending Memorial Day in your own pool in your own backyard you have had to make other plans.
Heavy Equipment Parts Availability Determines the Success or Failure of Many Jobs
Whether a contractor is looking for used Cat parts or new commercial engine cylinders, many jobs depend on the maintenance of heavy equipment. From swimming pool installation to pouring new sidewalks, many jobs rely on the power of machines.
Although most pieces of construction equipment have life expectancies of 15 years, improper maintenance can be the cause of problems that shorten the life of many machines. And while many pieces of heavy equipment are meant to withstand rigorous work conditions, improper usage and maintenance can have significant effects. In fact, one common cause of equipment breakdown is user error. Not surprising, damage caused by user error is not covered under a warranty, a costly problem for the machine owners. Since over 35% of equipment failure is caused by improper use, a key component in any job that involves heavy construction is the proper training of all operators.
By the end of the year 2015, the global construction equipment market was estimated to reach $145.5 billion. The initial sales of this equipment, however, is only the first piece of this part of the economy. Proper training for and maintenance of heavy equipment are essential parts as well. Whether a business concentrates on backyard swimming pools or small concrete projects like installing sidewalks, the ability to maintain their equipment and get the parts they need when necessary often determines the success. Finding new or used Caterpillar parts, for example, can be the difference between completing a promised job on time and missing a deadline.

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