Five Reasons PPC Can Still Fit in Your Internet Marketing Plan

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Google updates like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird — which has supposedly impacted 90% of all searches — have drastically changed internet marketing, especially when it comes to SEO. Instead of using keyword packing and link farming to earn top rankings, businesses are having to shift and work to provide web users with high quality content that offers some sort of value. As a result, many of the strategies that online marketers used just a year or 18 months ago have become obsolete. However, one technique that has stood firm is developing high quality PPC campaigns. PPC marketing offers several advantages that have allowed it to remain a valuable option for businesses looking to build more robust and dynamic web presences.

Instant Visibility

As soon as a company begins PPC advertising, they will see listing on the top pages of Google and other search engines. This can be valuable, particularly in the early stages of developing a web presence, because it gets companies listed even if they don’t have a comprehensive SEO program.

Quick ROI Calculations

Unlike other forms of advertising or marketing, it is easy to calculate the ROI of PPC campaigns. Essentially, businesses only have to pay when web users click on their ad, which means not only will ROI usually be pretty high, but it is easy to determine.

Increase Online Marketing Depth

It can be hard to diversify for lots of keywords (though doing so is becoming more and more unnecessary), especially if you have a particularly small website. With PPC campaigns, you’ll be able to target more keywords effectively and, hopefully, attract more customers.

Speed to Market

Even the best SEO techniques take weeks, if not months, to develop results, and it can be tough for business owners to stay patient. However, PPC can be developed and executed quickly, and it might only take days for businesses to see their first clicks or even sales.

Boost Exposure

Though generating clicks should always be the main goal or priority when it comes to PPC, the fact that it simply helps to build a bigger band can’t be overlooked. Even if a company’s name does not come up in organic rankings, consumers will see it on results pages and possible remember it when they want to make a purchase in the future.

SEO and internet marketing as a whole have changed drastically over just the last year, and businesses looking to stay a step ahead of their competition need to be innovative and creative. Strategies that worked wonders not long ago have been rendered useless, and finding ways to build a great web presence is difficult. But no matter how many changes have been made, PPC remains a great option for businesses working to grow. References.

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