Five Steps for a Safe Storage Solution


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If you are considering renting a storage container, you likely have a variety of questions about this choice. For example, are mobile storage trailers preferable to traditional storage units? How do I properly package and store my belongings in this container? And, most importantly, are storage units safe? Whether you’re planning to use mobile containers or rent out a space in a self-storage facility, the security of your belongings and your own person is extremely important. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to increase your safety. Are you wondering “are storage units safe?” Reduce your worries and promote your well-being with a few simple steps.

Shop Carefully
Whether you’re looking for a self-storage facility or mobile storage solutions, it is important to consider what features and amenities will help you and your belongings safe. For example, does the facility have security lighting, fencing, a keypad for access? Likewise, does the storage container have a lock box to prevent the use of bolt cutters, or special modifications to help improve the security of this solution? Choose the option that gives you the most safety and security.

Invest in the Best
When it comes to selecting a lock or other security measures, don’t settle for anything that leaves the safety of your storage solution in question. If you’re renting a storage unit, for example, invest in a disc lock, which is strike-proof, made from stainless steel, and can take an hour to cut through. And as previously mentioned, lock boxes can prevent someone from using bolt cutters from entering your storage container.

Pack Properly
While you should already be careful about packing your belongings to prevent accidents and other problems, you should also try to disguise valuable items. Store all of your precious belongings in inconspicuous containers and move them to the back of the container, where they are less likely to be seen.

Be Secretive and Cautious
If you’re wondering “are storage units safe?” the best thing you can do to protect your own is practice caution. Avoid telling anyone about your storage unit, never give out your security code or key, and be careful about letting people follow you around the facility if you are renting a self-storage space. If they have a right to be there, they will have their own key code or business to attend to.

Speak Up
If you notice anything suspicious around your self-storage facility or storage container, the best thing you can do to ensure your own safety is to call for help. Contact the facility manager or call the police. And if you notice that anything is missing, take photos of the scene and contact the authorities.

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