Forests Are Running Low Why Businesses Today Are Turning To Heat Treated, Recycled Wood Resources

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We’re living in a world of dwindling resources. The forest is perhaps the most vivid example.

Deforestation rates are higher than they’ve ever been, forcing several industries to adapt to paper alternatives. Recycling has become more common these past few years, from the eco-conscious student to the small business looking to bring in customers with green benefits. You have a choice to make when seeking out materials for your business. You can go the usual route and spend far too much on wood that won’t be around…or you can look into heat treated pallets Georgia resources. Supplies may dwindle, but creativity never does.

What could used pallets Georgia resources do to save you money and propel you into the future? Find out below.

Interesting Facts About The Trees We Rely On

Did you know it takes between 20 to 30 years for a hardwood oak to reach maturity? Other trees are a little faster, such as the maple tree and the weeping willow. It’s estimated around 25% of the American land area (that’s 500 million acres) is available to produce timber resources for commercial forest products today. Some are choosing alternatives when sifting through building projects, like different types of bamboo, while others go for recycled wood. Wood pallets are useful thanks to reusing essential materials and reducing strain on the industry at large.

The Foresting Industry In The United States

Now’s a great time to be thinking about sustainable alternatives. American forest land consists of nearly 750 million acres, an impressive 35% of the total land area and nearly 10% of globalized forest. Private landowners own up to 60% of forests — that’s roughly 10 million people — while 30% is public ownership. Another 15% is owned by the forest products industry, which has seen a notable shift toward sustainable recycled wood. Heat treated pallets Georgia resources can provide you everything you need to keep business flowing smoothly.

What Our Wood Industry Will Look Like In A Few Decades

These statistics are not meant to scare, but to provide you a wider perspective on what can be done. It’s estimated that the next five decades will see at least 15 million acres of forest land — and perhaps even more — lost permanently to urbanization. It’s not hard to see where these figures come from, since it’s also been estimated the worldwide population will see a big boost before 2040 comes around. Used wood resources are more than just a nice bonus. They’re paving the way to a green future we can all rely on.

The Slow, Steady Growth Of Recycling

So many resources can be recycled without a drop in quality, up to and including pallets for sale. Household textiles, for starters, are able to be reused easily — these include cotton, wool, spandex, nylon, and certain wooden or plastic additions (like buttons). Studies have shown Americans are more conscientious than ever, going out of their way to recycle their newspaper and glass bottles. This step you’re taking will go a long way to change things for the better. Used wood gives everyone a break at the end of the day.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Wooden Pallets Orlando Resources

The future is already here. Wood comes in not just different varieties, but different treatments depending on your needs…and your heat treated pallets Georgia resources are waiting to deliver. The benefits of heat treated wood can offer you a stronger stock to push back against the elements, up to and including stubborn insects that try to eat all your hard work. Heat treated wood is not just useful, but incredibly safe and easy to use. Just ask your wood pallets Tampa professional about a custom order that can easily slot into your business model.

Forests may be shrinking…but your options sure aren’t. What could heat treated pallets Georgia resources do to up your brand in the eyes of your customers?

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