Four Advantages of an Automatic Binding Machine

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Automatic wire o binding machine

Nearly every business prints out documents. However, certain companies make a majority of their profit through printed items. As more items are printed, the need for binding grows. The binding of a document is what holds the pages in place. Many companies are realizing the benefit of using an automatic wire binding machine. In this post, you will learn four advantages of an automatic binder.

  • Less Room for Error

    In the past, books used to be entirely bound by hand. One worker could bind, on average, about 100 books per hour. However, thicker documents made production times take longer which meant only about 20 larger documents could be bound in one hour. Automatic coil binding machines were invented to help bind documents in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Faster Project Completion

    In 2015, print made up for 80% of book sales across the world. It makes sense that a business would want to have documents bound as quickly as possible. An automatic wire binder allows a company to bind large amounts of documents in a short amount of time. A business may find themselves on a timed deadline to send out a certain amount of documents. Having an automatic wire binder helps to ensure your company meets the next deadline with ease.
  • Useful for Many Types of Documents

    Not all documents will be the same length. In the past, thicker documents meant more time spent binding. However, using an automatic wire binder allows you to work with many sized documents. You’ll only need to adjust binder settings to continue a project. The Pew Research Center finds that 65% of adults in the United States have read a book in print form within the past year. Easily binding documents of varying thickness levels ensure your books are ready right away.
  • Saves Your Company Money

    Every business owner knows that lost time often means lost money. Companies using older binding systems could be paying a lot in labor costs. An automatic wire binder lets employees efficiently bind documents. Having work completed fast leaves more time during the day for other projects to begin. The last thing you want to deal with is a missed production deadline.

In closing, there are several advantages of an automatic wire binder. These machines drastically reduce the element of human error when binding a document. You will find that an automatic wire binder is much faster than binding documents by hand. It’s easy to adjust the size settings while using an automatic binder machine. Binding documents in a fast and efficient manner works well to reduce operating expenses. Automatic document binding is helping companies across the world send out documents in a fast and efficient manner.

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