Four Ideas for Showing Someone Who is Grieving That You Care

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When a close friend is grieving over the loss of a loved one, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to show your condolences in a way that will bring them comfort. Even if they’re not able to express it through their pain, having your friendship and support is the greatest gift you can offer. However, if you want to give them a token of your condolences and aren’t sure the best way to approach it, we’ve collected a few unique sympathy gifts or ways to show care for a person who has experienced deep loss:

  1. Personalized Memorial Keepsakes
    Having something custom-made that celebrates the life of the loved one who passed is an incredibly meaningful gift. You can choose the gift based on the taste of the recipient or the spirit of departed, and then personalize it in a variety of ways. Engraved photo frames, memorial plaques, or even wind chimes are a few examples of unique sympathy gifts that the recipient will always cherish.
  2. A Tree Planted in Memory of the Lost
    When going through mourning, some people find comfort in the vibrant colors and scents of floral arrangement that are commonly sent as condolence gifts. However, some people find that when the cut flowers inevitably die, the reminder of loss almost creates another waive of grief for the mourning.

    If you give the family a tree in memory of their loved one, the continual life that the tree possesses may be a source of peace for the family. Make sure to consider whether the family has the space for a tree and the means to care for it. If their yard can’t accommodate a tree, a garden stone that commemorates their loved one is a smaller but equally beautiful way to express your condolences.

  3. Memorial Jewelry
    What better way to keep a loved one close to you, than wearing it right over your heart? Some of the most unique sympathy gifts come in the form of jewelry that the family can carry with them, always. One creative jewelry idea is to give a necklace with the signature or sentiments (pulled from a handwritten letter) of your friend’s loved one. Another idea is cremation ash jewelry, if the departed was cremated. A cremation bracelet or pendant for ashes could be an incredibly cathartic gift to the recipient.
  4. Giving Your Care
    Some of the best sympathy gifts aren’t objects at all. While receiving a lot of momentos could overwhelm the grieving in their delicate state, sometimes they find more comfort in the care you offer. Using sensitivity for your friend’s situation, look for ways to meet needs they may not be able to verbalize. You can organize a group of friends to bring meals to the family for a few weeks, clean their house (or get them a gift certificate for a housekeeping service), offer to run errands for them, or even maintain their lawn while they get back on their feet. Sometimes just a short phone call every few days to check up on them will mean more than any tangible object in the world.

Do you have any other suggestions for comforting a friend who has experienced loss? If so, add your input to the comment section below.

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