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Although the US is headed out of a recession and new jobs are opening up, there is a lot of competition for employment opportunities. Both employees and employers often turn online for resources to help them match up with potential employees, or potential employers. Here are some tips for navigating the online job search world whether you are resources staffing or doing an employer job search.

First, if you are doing employer job search, limit yourself to one city at a time. Often, for people who have the ability and enough money to move, it seems advisable to not spread your search out. While this might me a good idea eventually, what I have found is that people tend to continually pursue the same handful of employer job search avenues again and again even though it does not work every time. If you concentrate on a single place, however, you will force yourself to pursue alternative leads and find additional websites. At the very least, it promotes good job search practice.

Second, if you are an employer hiring, post your job on sites relevant to your search, and that are reputable as well. Even if you do not feel like reading cover letters, require them because they will be an obvious giveaway for whether the individual is capable of doing quality work. Even though you are likely to be met with a large pool of applicants for staffing employment, treat them all with the respect they deserve, and if possible, send emails out to inform people that they will not be getting an interview or job.

Third, when you do a search for employees on popular job sites, keep in mind the way these websites are structured. Doing searches for words like Creative might not yield much since it is a fairly generic term, but creative client handling can be more specific, and more relevant to what you desire.

Fourth, if you are looking for free employment agencies, they are generally in every city. These agencies will do an employer job search for you. Keep in mind that some agencies expect a percentage of your future paycheck, so if this concerns you, ask about their payment policies beforehand.

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