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To maintain a successful business or franchise you need to properly apply modern technology from the ground up. While some have found significant success in digital marketing campaigns and others in changing their hiring practices, yet more business have turned to cloud service brokers to provide them with the resources they need to organize and apply information throughout the company. Below is a comprehensive list of the features that cloud service brokerage offers, from boosted functionality to cost-effective measures.

What Are Cloud Communications?

Quickly rising to the forefront of big business, cloud communications allow companies to better distribute and organize relevant information throughout the entire infrastructure. The global market for cloud equipment has seen unprecedented growth, expected to reach nearly $80 billion in worldwide sales by the year 2018. A study has shown nearly 50% of enterprise respondents planning on adopting hybrid cloud systems in the future, which is nothing to say of local or private cloud services. The International Data Corporation (known as IDC), predicts that public cloud spending will only increase significantly over the next few years.

Why Are They A Popular Option?

Enterprises and large businesses are only as capable as their day-to-day activities, of which even a small error can spell a major problem down the road. Studies have been conducted to assess what enterprises look for in modern software technology, with 60% reporting they use cloud storage services to better improve integration between development and operation teams. Communication is the key to success and nowhere is that more evident than the still-increasing popularity of cloud communications. These can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as a private model or a public location.

How Are Cloud Brokerage Services Implemented?

A cloud service platform can be used throughout the company to better encourage cohesion and collaboration between multiple parties. Recent surveys have seen 60% of companies using the public cloud, 57% using the private cloud and nearly 20% using hybrid cloud services that tick off multiple boxes. With smooth implementation features that can be established in a relatively short amount of time, the future of cloud services brokerage is more secure than ever. Nearly half of all companies will develop a specific IT security talent team for the cloud alone, a testament to the software’s consistent results.

How Is The Future Looking For The Cloud?

The future for cloud service brokerage is looking bright, with more and more companies turning its way to solve problems down the pipeline. Over 70% of CIO and top IT executives are involved in the cloud purchase process and nearly 80% of organizations are creating plans to establish a governance policy for their general cloud usage. The future for cloud and security services is expected to reach over $8 billion by 2019, marking it as one of the most important advancements in the IT industry in a long time.

How Should I Incorporate Cloud Communications?

If you want to improve the state of your business through increased functionality and communication, installing a cloud service should be at the top of your priority list. Recent surveys have shown cloud service customers choosing reliability as the most important metric, at nearly 45%, followed closely by an increased ability to integrate with existing infrastructure. The government, in particular, plans on reducing its data center infrastructure spending by 30% through a cloud computing model. When over 35% of IT services are delivered by the cloud, it only stands to reason catching up technologically with a cloud service brokerage is an important step on a long journey.

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