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With the high volume of photographs, images, and advertisements we see every day, it may seem to realize that photography dates back to the 1800s. Originally printed in black and white, most photographs were retouched and manually colored with water color paints, beginning as early as 1840. However, with the advent of the 20th century, the photography industry began evolving rapidly: the first portable, compact camera, called the “Kodak Brownie”, was released in 1900 and cost only $1. Four years later, a company called Lumiere created the first known plates for color photography. Now, over a century later, we take as many photographs in 2 minutes as the whole human population did in the 1800s.

The modern photography industry in the United States is worth an estimated $10 billion in revenue and is comprised of an estimated 153,595 professional photo labs and print fulfillment services. This gives you the ability to create almost any type of professional picture printing product you can imagine: you can make your own photo greeting cards, compile a wedding picture album, and more. This is largely due to the rise of digital photography: while the first digital camera created weighed 8 pounds and took 23 seconds to successfully, digital photography has evolved to the point that digital photos can be turned into a variety of photography and art products. These products include custom photo cards and albums, metal prints, and more.

Custom photo products and art make a great gift for any anniversary, wedding, birthday, or other special event. Whether you’re looking to make your own photo greeting cards, commemorate a wedding with wedding picture albums, or create some fine art prints, modern photography services can make it possible. Research photography printing and fulfillment services in your area today to create a wide array of products for your special occasion.
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