Getting The Non Profit Job Of Your Dreams The Steps

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If you’re hoping for a non profit job, you aren’t alone. With non profit jobs accounting for 9.2% of all wages in 2010, plenty of people are getting work through non profit organizations. Non profits don’t just provide wages, however; they also give people a chance to embark on adventures, give back to their communities, or work for a cause that they truly believe in. Working for a non profit organization will never be boring, that’s for sure! The question is, how do you get the non profit job you want? For one thing, you could go through a temp agency, as non profits often try people out through temp work before hiring them full time. There are also non profit search firms on the lookout for new hires. But it goes beyond that.

The Job Hunt: Finding The Job You Want

When looking for a job with a non profit organization, make sure that temp agencies and non profit search firms know that you’re searching. Give them your resume; that way, should a job with a non profit organization come up, they’ll be able to refer that organization to you. Don’t discount the good old-fashioned methods of job hunting, though — and don’t be afraid to combine the old with the new. As long as you have a cell phone and access to wifi, you can job hunt. Although only 27% of people polled in a recent survey indicated that they’d applied to jobs through mobile devices, 43% report having job hunted with a mobile device.

Making An Impression: Social Media And Job Hunting

You may be tempted to delete your social media profiles when job hunting, or at least scrub them clean of personality. But the fact is that social media could play a role in your job search, especially when you want a job with a personal touch like those at non profit organizations. Non profit search firms will take note of your social media presence — a presence that some non profits will use to their advantage. Overall, 94% of job recruiters expect to use social media for recruitment; and employers who used social media found a 49% increase in candidate quality over candidates found only through traditional search methods.

The Interview: Securing Your Non Profit Job

Jobs at non profit organizations are never guaranteed, even once you’ve gotten your interview. Don’t treat this like a boring job interview. Be professional and dress nicely; be courteous and prepared. But also remember that personality is a major factor for non profit organizations. If you have a personality that sets you apart, you’ll be far more likely to get the job you want. Show your passion for the cause that this non profit supports; if you have any personal connection to that cause, be open about it. You’ll be far more likely to get the job you want if you’re true to yourself.

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