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You’re learning your way around the lab and getting used to the medical equipment that is around you yet. While familiarizing yourself with all aspects of the lab is a very important matter, it is understanding the difference and the importance of medical refrigerators and freezers that will help you significantly within the confines of the lab. Here are a couple of small but easy tips that will help you to better understand why medical refrigerators and freezers are used rather than the same fridge that you store your lunch for break time in.

Shelving Space Matters

Being able to have a direct spot for everything that you are placing inside of the medical refrigerators and freezers keeps you from having any mistakes within the office or the laboratory. If you have a vaccine freezer or vaccine storage refrigerators within your lab the last thing you need to do is mix up with the vaccines are for and who gets what. With proper labeled shelving that is inside of these specific medical refrigerator objects you can locate everything without hesitating that it is in the wrong spot or that it is something else first. So long as everyone obeys the correct shelving spaces your products are always easy to locate and easy to find.

Temp Requirements

You medical refrigerators and freezers are set for temps that a normal fridge would not be set for, of course this may have already been a given thought to come away with, but having everything at the exact temperature will insure safe and calculated vaccines for all who enter the office. With freezers that can go from -45 to -85 degrees, they hold the exact temps that these medical vaccines should be kept in at all times. Considering that vaccines prevent more than 2.5 million deaths every year, they are something that need to be protected and take care of correctly.

Desired Capacity Only

While your fridge at home may be able to hold as much stuff as you can cram into it, your medical refrigerators and freezers can only hold a certain amount that they should be carrying. When you overload these freezers they will tell you that they are over capacity and they will not work as well as they should be. With only a certain amount of vaccines and other medical products inside of them you know that every vaccine you give out is being treated correctly and fairly. Vaccines have been saving lives for over 300 years, it’s a very important part of our lives to make sure that these items are fully protected at all costs.

Throughout the years these vaccines have done their job and prevented countless senseless deaths from occurring. Protecting ourselves and our children is one of the biggest areas of importance not only in our lives but as a medical professional as well. When you run a lab or a office be sure that everything is kept up and most importantly that you’re doing everything to insure that your medical products are protected and up to date. Don’t ever risk someone’s life because you were careless with the vaccines that you give them. When it is so easy to provide the correct and right care with items such as medical refrigerators and freezers there are no excuses for not taking every percussion in doing your best and looking out for those you’re treating.

Familiarize yourself with the uses for the products in the lab or office you work in and be sure you know what things are used for and the reason that they have to be so specific. It’ll make you a much better worker and caregiver. Having a stand alone freezer for vaccines and knowing the contents of it makes for an easier time giving out those shots to the people who need them most.

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