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A worker must deal with these issues, and unless someone handles it, these problems fester. They grow worse with time. Employees miss days. Illness abounds. The entire office is struck full of runny noses and sore throats. Winter is coming. And that means air borne illnesses are coming with it.

Productivity depends on workers. Employers depend on productivity to drive profits. And yet, it is still an issue that faces American workers–a germ ridden, bacteria infested environment from which it is easy to contract common viruses such as influenza. For the workers, their fear is being realized.

Nearly 100% of workers fear catching a virus at work.

Those fears of nearly 100% of workers are not without merit. Here are some statistics:

  • A dirty desk can harbor nearly 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
  • Nearly 33% of a study said that the believe their keyboard and phone are the most dirty items in their office.

In fact, indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than outdoor environments and in some cases, air pollution measurements have found indoor environments to be 100 times more polluted.

The issue has been brought to light in recent years through studies by the World Health Organization. In a series of studies, they found that:

An estimated 3.3 million deaths per year are attributed to indoor air pollution worldwide, from preventable respiratory and cardiac disease. Of those 3.3 million deaths, 34% of cases were from strokes, 26% were from heart disease, 12% were from acute lower respiratory infections in children, and 6% were from lung cancer. All cases were preventable, according to the World Health Organization.

The solution: Hire a green cleaning service. Because…

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency has stated that commonly used chemical cleaning products can cause indoor environments to be polluted more than 100 times compared to outdoor environments.
  • There are 17,000 cleaning chemicals available for home and office use and only 30% have been tested for harm done to humans or the environment.

You ever wonder how healthy those chemicals the traditional cleaning company uses? They smell like ammonia and chemicals that will do lasting harm to your biological system and that of your workmates.

You work hard every day to bring home money. To pay the rent. To support the kids. Now, it’s time you got what you deserve–a healthy environment to work in. For that, try green cleaning.

Green Cleaning

According to the standard definition, green cleaning refers to cleaning practices that use environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Green cleaning products avoid the use of toxic chemicals, some of which can cause respiratory, dermatological, or other conditions.

It can be difficult to understand which chemicals are green and which are not. Therein lies the question–how do I know that my cleaner is using green products? It’s possible to look at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s website and their list of green products. A second method is this–learn about green chemistry.

Green chemistry, also called sustainable chemistry, arose in 1990s when resource depletion was a concern. The science focuses on designing products that minimize or reduce the use or generation of hazardous chemicals.

A purpose for many in the green chemistry field concerns solvents. The solvents are made using renewable resources, which emit much less of hazardous chemicals and then are biodegradable.

The benefits of green cleaning or the benefits of hiring a green cleaning service that does green cleaning is that while the process has certainly changed and the chemicals have changed so will your quality of health in the office and at home. Much reduced are those toxic chemicals found in traditional cleaning supplies.

If you’re looking to green clean on your own, the tips for green cleaning on your own include using green solvents that reduce hazardous materials. Hiring a green cleaning service means searching for green cleaning services in your area. This can be done by searching “I am hiring a green cleaning service in Dallas, TX”.

Whatever road you choose, green cleaning can benefit your office and your health in one fell swoop.

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