Here are 3 Reasons to Use a Paper Shredder at Your Office

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At any office around the country, you’ll probably see the same kinds of office equipment. There are computers, copy machines, printers, and also some type of industrial office shredder. It’s very common for office buildings to have one or more high capacity paper shredders somewhere in the building. Commercial paper shredders do provide a convenient service, but that’s not the only reason office buildings keep them in the building. This article looks at several important reasons why industrial office shredders are used at corporate office buildings.

  • It Helps Prevent Identity Theft: One of the most important reasons to use a paper shredder in an office building is because it helps to prevent identity theft. Just in 2017 alone, there were over 16 million victims of identity fraud, which can happen when thieves steal valuable documents and use them to steal details of a person’s life. By shredding these documents, it becomes nearly impossible for identity thieves to use any documents to steal a person’s identity. And for those afraid of thieves piecing documents back together, industrial shredders can destroy a document so thoroughly it’s little more than dust by the time the machine is finished.
  • In Some Cases It’s the Law: Another reason to use a paper shredder at the office is because in some places it’s required by law. More and more places are required to use paper shredders because the law requires that certain sensitive documents be shredded once a company is done with them. If a company is caught not using a paper shredder when they’re required to, it can get the company in a lot of trouble.
  • Shredding Can Make it Easier to Dispose of Documents: And finally, a third reason to use a paper shredder at an office is because shredding can make it easier to dispose of paper documents. This works because paper documents shredded into tiny pieces take up less space than whole documents crammed into a trash can. By shredding any documents that need to be disposed of, more waste can be put into a trash can, meaning it won’t have to be emptied as often.

In conclusion, there are several important reasons to use an industrial office shredder at your office. These reasons include helping to prevent identity theft, following the law where applicable, and shredding documents make it easier to dispose of them. These are just a few of the important reasons to keep a paper shredder in your office building.

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