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Hiring an Executive Coach and Building Your Business With Their Advice

With the growth of self-employment and freelance work in the United States, there is much to consider with self-improvement and executive coaching. Business coaches work to help individuals who need to build their own business in addition to completing the work that is part of their skills.

The Size of the Self-Improvement Industry

Worldwide, the size of the self-improvement or executive coaching industry is almost $10 billion. Part of this is the value that these coaches play for individuals who are trying to develop their own business, build a sustainable self-employment income, or develop consistent freelance work. Any of this can be a challenge, and takes a great amount of business coaching in addition to the use of skills that can complete the work itself.

Call on a Career Coach

It is easy to take advantage of the flexible nature of self-employment or freelance work without thinking about the challenges that come along with it. That is where a career coach can come into play. Especially if you are looking to turn this work into a lifelong career, then organizational development consultants are able to help with the creation of a business more than a short-term income.

The Industry of Executive Coaching

One thing to consider is the benefit of beginning a career as an executive coach or an OD consultant. This can be one of the highest paying careers available, along with the flexibility of owning your own business. Imagine the ability to control your own schedule and possibly make as much as $3,500 per hour. This can provide a great deal of freedom with the amount of time you need to work, although with clients who are willing to pay this much you may be needed at random intervals. It can be a short and demanding contract, for seven to twelve months, especially for higher-paying executives who need assistance with business development.

So, there is much to gain from the services of executive coaching, whether you hire a coach or become a coach yourself. While this industry is already large, it continues to grow with the number of self-employed individuals increases as well. There is much to gain from the advice of organizational development and other business consultants, especially if you are very talented as your services and skills, but not so much in business management, sakes, marketing, and other basic business tasks.

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