How a Fire Safety Plan Can Improve Building Safety

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Some kinds of buildings like hotels, motels and healthcare facilities are specially at risk when it comes to fires. However, having a fire safety plan and safety systems in place can help to reduce damage and injuries. Alarm systems, sprinklers and fire suppression systems can all play a part in minimizing fires and in reducing loss. A professional fire protection company can provide different types of fire protection services, such as planning, installing and maintaining fire protection systems, including fire sprinkler maintenance services.

What kinds of buildings are at risk?
Multi-unit residential buildings, high rises, commercial businesses, hotels, motels, hospitals and healthcare facilities and warehouses are some of the most at-risk buildings for fires. Of these, four categories account for half of all high rise fires: offices, apartment complexes, hospitals and healthcare facilities and hotels. Hotel and motel fires alone cause $76 billion worth of property damage each year. They’re also responsible for 15 fatalities and 159 injuries each year.
Warehouses are also vulnerable to fires, though warehouse fires typically result in property damage rather than injuries and loss of life. And warehouse fire safety has been improving over the years, reducing the number of warehouse fires from 4,700 in 1980 to 1,200 in 2011. Another category of buildings that is vulnerable are data centers. These house the computers that hold online data. The expensive equipment in these centers can be damaged by smoke, and any outages caused by fires also result in losses due to down time and lost data.

Why a fire safety plan is necessary
As the warehouse experience shows, having a fire safety plan can result in a substantial reduction in the number of fires. Building owners and property managers should devise such a plan in collaboration with professional fire protection services. A fire safety plan can include alarms, fire sprinkler services, and fire suppression. Professional fire protection companies can install all the necessary equipment, and also help to maintain it.
In particular, sprinklers can be very effective in controlling fires and preventing their spread. Professional fire protection services can install fire sprinklers and provide a fire sprinkler maintenance service, which will ensure their correct functioning if they are ever needed.

Fires can be dangerous and destructive, but they can be controlled and prevented. A fire safety plan can help to reduce damage and loss due to fires and ensure the safety of all.

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